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ordinarywmn's Journal

7 July
I hope that when you read about my family, our craziness and trials, you don't use it to compare or to say that isn't me. Instead use to gauge all the wonderful things in your life you might have overlooked. I hope it changes your thinking a little. So that instead of feeling down because you are "just a housewife", you feel proud of the fact the you are the guardian of our future! Laugh if you want to! I hope you do, because as silly as it might seem, is that not really what you are doing? Where would our great world be without all our amazing, committed workers ants?

Busy behind the scenes, unseen, unnoticed, but oh my goodness, so vital to our very existence! Ordinary people of the world unite!! For we are truly the creators of wonderful extraordinary things!

So jump on board and hold on, cause as Bette Davis said, "it's gonna be a bumpy ride!" But honestly, aren't bumpy rides the most fun?

Welcome to the extraordinary life of an ordinary woman!