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The beginning of a nation, I mean notion!

A long time ago, no this isn't Star Wars, sorry George and Steve, I started putting together a collection of my journal entries into some type of book form.

My project was put on hiatus due to the technical difficulty of selling our home and moving in December of 2003. As with life when it rains, break out the ark cause its pouring, our “Franken-puter” of a PC decided to make a hasty exit to computer Heaven! Luckily I had copied my stories onto a floppy disk, wow, I so just dated myself!

The entire contents of our house was placed in storage for several weeks until our new home was ready and our entire family was stuck in an extend a stay for all that time,(I'll explain later!)

Needless to say the floppy disk was MIA. Once we finally moved into our new place, no matter how hard I looked for the floppy it was nowhere to be found.

In August of 2005 we were cleaning out our garage for the annual inspection from our landlady when lo and behold we located a long lost box with misc. written on it and you guessed it, the missing floppy was found! Amazing what happens when you clean!

A lot had passed in the almost two years since the floppy was missing, so I decided to go back and update some of the information. In some cases I decided to leave it as it was. I figured even thought it might have been dated or out of place, it still made a good point!

Another two years lapsed before I got anywhere to the stage that it even resembled a book, as you will notice by the different stages our children have gone through within the contents of its entries.

I guess I felt that this made it more like real life. You know, we are just puttering along with babies and diapers when all of a sudden we look up and our kids are grown and on their own. This is where the “what happened?” factor kicks in!

Finally with all technicalities settled, including my own insecurities at finishing this project, I got a book done! But then a funny thing happen on the way to the publisher's! I thought wait, who would really want to read this, never mind publish it? Well I found the perfect person! ME!

I figured in today's age of the world wide web, why not do just that? Web it baby! Can you tell I spent way too much time with my kids? So I searched around, well actually the truth is truly funny!

I was born with my left leg shorter than my right and I guess as a result of this somehow I had an extra bone in my left foot. I know bear with me here, I swear I am actually making a point! Anyway, I got diagnosed ten years ago with the extra bone condition, not the short leg thing, yeah I know. At the time my life was way too crazy to have surgery that would have required me to be on bed rest for a month. (I'll fill you in later to the craziness!) After all this time it was really beginning to get painful, so I finally broke down and got the surgery.

About two weeks into the total bed rest thing and when the thoughts of chewing my leg off so I could be free wouldn't go away, my hubby, we call him Mel, (I'll explain that later too!). Notice how I keep the cliffhangers coming? Got you don't I?

Anyway back to Mel, he asked me if I had been working on my book. Like yeah, totally dude, going for the home stretch as we speak! Yeah right, all I had been doing was discovering how really cool my space was and why do those girls all have the need to show me their butts? As I was surfing the net, I can across a blog called "Empty nest, full life". Well I had been thinking of actually doing a blog but wasn't quite sure how. This blog answered my questions!  So my thanks go out to Hummingbird mind and your great blog! You showed me the way!

I decided that no publisher needed here! A blog a day will spread my story! Sorry I really stink at rhyming but you get the gist. So welcome one and all and stay tuned as I introduce you to my crazy..I mean amazing family! SJA


Whre life leads us nobody, knows


The how you got to this web page isn't as important as the why?

You might be here because you are a loved one, a relative, a friend, or one of my kids being nosy about what I said about them. You might have been told about it from someone you know. Read about it somewhere or just randomly landed here by mistake. You might be someone that for reasons unknown or known, just want to find a reason to not like me or what I have to say.

To all of the above I say, welcome to this crazy, unpredictable and all too common existence I call my life!

I don't claim to know more than anyone else. I am not better educated, more understanding or smarter than the average person. I am not a saint, but a sinner who keeps trying to do what is best for the progression of the common good.

The common good for me is mainly my God, my family, my chosen career, my community and beyond.

I don't claim that my children are perfect, far from it; they too are sinners on the road to redemption.

With that said they are mine, to love and possess for as long as God sees fit to give me that honor. With that in mind, I love them and rejoice in their accomplishments, cry at their sorrows and cherish every memory we have created together. I also look forward to the many more adventures that life still holds for us as a family.

My husband and I don't have a perfect marriage. We argue, we disagree, we get mad at each other and we don't always agree on everything. Some days we don't agree on anything! But at the end of it all we do know this, I love him, he loves me and we made a forever promise. We gave our word, made a deal. Not a "for a while" promise, not an "only if things stay good" promise, but a forever promise. That means that for all the things we don't know, the one thing we do know, is the meaning of a promise and keeping our word. Add to this the fact that we have included God in our lives to help us make it through the rough patches. We believe this is the only reason we have made it this far. This is also the main reason we believe, our marriage, will truly last not only here in this life, but beyond.

Finally back to, why are you here? Was it really just a "coincidence", an errant click of the mouse? Or maybe just maybe it was something more?

My hope is that it was something more! I hope that you walk away from your computer screen realizing what an amazing, incredible human being you truly are! Think of all the things you have done, will do, and might do, for so many people around you! I mean the little things! Like for example a smile, a handshake, a simple call to say, "How are you?" Seemingly insignificant tiny things in the realm of life you say? But to the person on the receiving end how small are they really? If they are lonely and have lost all hope, how small is that gesture? Maybe the difference between faith lost and actually seeing a glimmer of hope?

You do so many wonderful things on a daily basis. But you get caught up with the feats of greatness done by world-known celebrities and such. The reality is that those small things are the tiny fibers that together, make up truly extraordinary lives!

You are an extraordinary being! Think of the miracle of science and creation that you, your body, your brain truly are!

Could such an incredible creation be simply plain, old and ordinary? Of course not! Looking through the passages of history behind every single so called "great" person, leader, there was at least one but most likely, a lot of ordinary people adding a fiber or two to create that extraordinary life!

So today hold your head up high and be proud to say" I am an ordinary person, with an incredible extraordinary life"! I am the backbone of this great country and I am what makes is human race so incredible!

With that said I hope you stick around a while. Feel free to share my adventure, my family and my joy. When all is said and done I hope you come to be known as another one of my great family members.

I hope that when you read about my family, our craziness and trials, you don't use it to compare or to say that isn't me. Instead use to gauge all the wonderful things in your life you might have overlooked. I hope it changes your thinking a little. Instead of feeling down because you are "just a housewife", you should feel proud of the fact that you are the guardian of our future! Laugh if you want to! I hope you do, because as silly as it might seem, is that not really what you are doing? Where would our great world be without all our amazing, committed workers ants? 

Busy behind the scenes, unseen, unnoticed, but oh my goodness, so vital to our very existence! Ordinary people of the world unite!! For we are truly the creators of wonderful extraordinary things!

So jump on board and hold on, cause as Bette Davis said, "it's gonna be a bumpy ride!" But honestly, aren't bumpy rides the most fun?

Welcome to the extraordinary life of an ordinary woman!